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Welcome to the Starsign astrology web site. We would like to distinguish from the start that there are two basic areas of astrology;

Firstly there are the daily horoscope readings which can be found in most newspapers, and websites such as msn astrology and yahoo astrology. These are general overviews based on your sun sign or zodiac sign.

Live Tarot And Runes
Live Tarot and Runes

Secondly there is the science of astrology where accurate information based on complex calculations and interpretations which has many applications from detailed predictions, relationship compatibility and analysis of certain dates and events to tools for self growth

Fun readings or non-scientific readings include:

Psychic Advice

Premium services offered normally via online psychic chat or premium phone services

$10 Psychic Phone Readings

Psychic readings and tarot readings offered over the telephone..  payment usually by credit card but may be via preium phone services

Tarot Readings

Psychic tarot readings are individual psychic consultations with $10 psychic readings being the most common

Yahoo astrology

MSN Astrology

Yahoo Astrology

Yahoo Astrology as MSN Astrology offer daily readings for your sun sign. Most People already know their sun sign or horoscope sign but for those who don't we have an Astrology calculator which tells you your sunsign along with your Chinese horoscope animal.


MSN Astrology

For the lighter or less serious side of astrology, Yahoo Astrology and MSN Astrology offer free daily readings similar to those found in most newspapers and magazines.

If you are looking for more detailed astrology check out our Astrology chart page for more detailed information. If you would like a copy of your personalised birth chart with an individual interpretation then you may find what you need at one of the following sites.

Get Your Personalised Birth Chart
at one of these Sites

  • 123 Astrology - Offers birth (natal) astrology/horoscope charts and Astrology For Lovers compatibility/relationship reports.
  • Astrology Source - Professional Astrology Services
  • Kozmik Horoscopes - Unique 25-Page Report, The most advanced readings on the planet.
  • Lucky Days - Successfully tested on BBC TV. Free evaluation.
  • Sky View Zone Astrology - Large newly designed astrology site.
  • Pet Astrology - Professional Astrology Services including canine reports and general pet birth charts. 

Horoscope Calculator
(Calculates Sun sign and Chinese Animal)

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For more information on your starsign or your Chinese animal just follow the links below.

Western Astrology

More information on Western Astrology

Chinese Astrology

More Information on
Chinese Astrology


We aim to present you with information on the Science of Astrology (considered by some as a pseudo science) and also provide the lighter horoscope colums as found at msn astrology or yahoo astrology.


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